How to Fix “Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo”

Similar to iOS, watchOS has had its share of bugs. The Apple Watch freezing on the Apple logo is the most frustrating issue that a large number of consumers have encountered.

The watch is absolutely worthless after the black screen of death appears, therefore you need to start looking for a fix right away.

If you find yourself in this terrible position, read on for some solutions to the “Apple logo stuck on Apple Watch” problem.

Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

Best Ways to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

We have included instructions in our guide that work with any Apple Watch, from the earliest models running watchOS 7 to the most recent models running watchOS 8.

We have also sorted the troubleshooting methods from those that are simple to implement and won’t result in any lost data to those that are full factory resets of the Apple Watch.

Therefore, I suggest you use this manual in its entirety. If you’d prefer skip that and jump to the section that looks most applicable to your situation, the table of contents is below for your convenience.

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1. Force Restart the Watch

Forcing your Watch to restart is an alternative to simply turning it off and on again. If your Apple Watch screen remains frozen on the Apple logo, you can force a restart by holding down the Side button and the Digital Crown at the same time.

You can stop pushing the buttons as soon as the Apple logo reappears on the screen. Allow the Watch to fully power on and boot up for one minute.

2. Use Find My Apple Watch to Unfreeze It

Using the Find My function can sometimes fix a frozen watch display. Here’s the procedure:
Launch the Watch app on an iOS device by selecting the My Watch option.

Step 1: Select All Watches on the top left.

Step 2: For further information, select the “i” next to your watch’s name.

Step 3: Select Find My Apple Watch from the menu. In this case, Find My will launch immediately. Please sign in if requested to do so.

Step 4: If necessary, choose your Apple Watch from the list of connected devices. Select the Sound button. The Apple Watch will restart from the “stuck at Apple logo” screen. Play the sound again and see if it helps.

3. Unpair Apple Watch and Pair it Again

Unpair the Watch and then re-pair it once it is no longer frozen on the Apple logo. This could perhaps avert future problems of this nature.

4. Give Software Update/Restore a Bit More Time to Complete

Most likely, the watch is not frozen on the Apple logo but is instead completing the software update before powering up. In this scenario, you should wait until the watch has finished updating before proceeding. However, if the Apple logo persists even after a long period of time, you can try one of the solutions provided below.

5. Factory Reset Your Apple Watch

Although time-consuming, this resolves multiple issues. You can restore your Apple Watch to its original state by performing a factory reset.

You should expect to lose all of your data, including your apps, music, images, and settings. Here’s how to return your Apple Watch to factory settings:

Step 1: To wipe all data and settings, press the Digital Crown and go to General, then touch Reset.

Step 2: If your Apple Watch asks for a passcode, enter it then confirm the activity.

Step 3: Reset your Watch to factory settings once the deletion is complete.

Is There a Hardware Issue or Water Damage?

How often do you drop your Apple Watch, or has it been submerged in water? If that’s the case, you probably have some problems on the inside. Apple’s customer service department can help you with this.

In a similar vein, if you think your Watch may have been underwater for an extended period of time, you should bring it to an Apple Service center. We hope these suggestions helped you fix your Apple Watch that was frozen on the Apple logo during startup.

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The recent watchOS update seems to trigger this issue frequently. The Apple Watch is in an infinite reboot loop, which is the best way to characterize the problem.

Apple’s logo appears on screen, then there’s a brief blackout, followed by the loading screen and logo reappearing in the corner, and this process keeps going on forever. There seems to be a software flaw with a simple workaround.