How To Fix “Steam Download Stopping”

When the game data is being written to your hard drive at the same time that the game is being downloaded, the Steam download frequently pauses and then restarts.

Steam may pause the download to correctly arrange the game files, which might be confusing, since the game data is being written in the background at the same time the game is being downloaded.

Method 1: Put an End to Any Unused Programmes

We will first check to determine if a third-party programme is to blame for Steam’s download issue before resorting to more technical solutions.

Steam Download Stopping

It’s common knowledge that CCleaner, Skype, and other unused programmes can cause Steam to malfunction. The procedure for killing all running processes is detailed below.

  1. To access your computer’s Task Manager, hit the Win key plus R. The Run programme should launch now.
  2. Type “taskmgr” into the box and hit enter. The Task Manager should now be visible.
  3. Put an end to any running applications, including Skype, your web browser, any updates, etc. Restart Steam via Steam.exe, and perhaps everything will return to normal.

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Method 2: Time and Time Zone Harmonization

Your computer’s time zone may not match the time zone you’ve selected. We are all aware that Steam gathers information from the PC in real time and stamps it with a specific time and date. Any deviation it detects will cause it to malfunction in some way.

  1. Start by pressing the Windows key and then typing “Control Panel.” Launch the Settings menu from the search results.
  2. Select “Date and time” from the list of options.
  3. Select “Internet Time” from the drop-down menu and then “Change Settings.”
  4. Select the option to “Synchronize with Internet time server” in the corresponding dialogue box. To immediately update, select the button. After the time is adjusted successfully, click OK, and then restart Steam.

Method 3: Replace Outdated Network Drivers

Steam automatically updates itself to the newest versions available. However, this could become a problem if you don’t routinely update your network drivers. The new version of Steam is incompatible with previous builds.

This could lead to mysterious behaviour, such as the sporadic termination of downloads we experienced. How to determine which network adapters your PC currently has and how to update their drivers are outlined below.

  1. Start by pressing the Windows key and then typing “Control panel.” Use the search bar and go with the app that comes up.
  2. Find Device Manager in the menu.
  3. A list of connected hardware will appear in a new window. They might be anything from a basic USB device to a complex processor. Choose Network Adapters from the drop-down menu.
  4. You can now view the many network card kinds currently installed on your machine. This one has a LAN and a wireless adaptor. The drivers for both of them can be updated with this single method. If you double-click the chosen driver, you’ll see this dialogue box.
  5. Access the Update Driver option by going to the Driver menu. You can choose to have the update installed automatically, or you can update manually using the package you got from the manufacturer’s website. Any of the available methods may be used to effect the change.

You must restart Steam and begin downloading once you have finished updating your drivers. That’s the hope, anyway: that the issue can be fixed.

Method 4: Limit your Bandwidth

There will be instances when your download speed exceeds the capacity of your disk’s writing speed. It is recommended that you restrict the amount of data Steam can download at once if your internet connection is unstable.

It’s up to you to decide on a respectable tempo — one that’s neither too slow nor too fast.

  1. Pull up the Steam client. Launching using “Run as Administrator” is recommended.
  2. Select “Steam” and then “Settings” from the top left menu.
  3. Navigate to the downloads tab. An option to “Limit bandwidth to” can be found in this menu’s drop-down menu.
  4. When you click it, a drop-down window will open up. To restrict certain speeds, look here. Make your decision based on the download speed your internet service provider offers.
  5. Wrap up Steam, and start it up again. With any luck, the erratic behaviour will be corrected.

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