Review of Seagate ‘SeaTools for Windows’

SeaTools for Windows: SeaTools is a program which is used to detect and test the performance of Maxtor and Seagate hard drives. If you have detected problems in your hard disk drive operation or you want to check the current state of the device, then use this utility.

Seagate has two free software programs for free hard drive testing. One is SeaTools for DOS, and another is SeaTools for Windows. Both of the tools differ from one another.

Thus, the versions of SeaTools are:

SeaTools for Windows:

  • It is installed on the system like any normal program.
  • internal drives like  SCSI, PATA, and SATA can be tested.
  • external drives like USB, FireWire are supported.
  • available only for Windows.

SeaTools for DOS:

  • the command like the utility.
  • Support all Windows versions.
  • In order to restore your HDD performance, launch it from a boot disk.

In this review, we will study the SeaTools for Windows.

Downloading the SeaTools

Please download the SeaTools from the official website. You need to go to the link and then under the Downloads section, click on the SeaTools for Windows.

Main Features of SeaTools

  1. SeaTools utility is used to detect errors in the performance of the hard drive. Also, to look at whether to replace the hard drive on warranty. Tests are conducted to check the current state of the hard drive. And then all the information regarding its performance and the status of each test is shown. Example of the test conducted is Acoustic Test which detects problems if in case any sound is made by a hard drive. In this case, SeaTools accelerates and then stop the Hard Disk Drive so that you can come to know how it works and check the “unhealthy” noise which occurs.
  2. Next is that it helps in repairing bad sectors on SATA hard drives and USB flash drives. After the testing when the bad sectors are found, SeaTools will display errors and also the means to fix them by replacing the damaged blocks with the backup blocks. Hence, the Operating system will not use this bad sector.
  3.  SeaTools shows the status of your Hard Disk Drive as well as on the characteristics of your drive. For checking the status of your hard drive, this information will be very useful.


So, SeaTools is a free and effective way of detecting and fixing the status of Hard Disk Drive. Use this program, in case you have to experience Hard Disk failure.