How To Fix “Internal Server Error Minecraft”

Players of Minecraft can host their own servers if they so choose. A single user can set up one of these servers, and if others know the server’s address or key, they can all log in and play together. One can also connect to unofficial, privately run servers.

Method 1: How to Remove Minecraft UUID Folders

If you’re getting an Internal Server Error out of nowhere after the game was functioning normally for you, it’s likely because of an issue with your Minecraft account settings. There were also occurrences were some users were unable to join the server despite the fact that all other players were able to do so without any problems.

Internal Server Error Minecraft

In this method, we will first get your UUID from a third-party service and then remove any files or directories on your local machine or server that may contain that number. Nothing to worry about, as we will be erasing the temporary data.

Step 1: After you have entered in all the necessary information, you will be given a UUID.

Step 2: Launch your web browser, log in to the server, and then select “world” from the list of server files.

Step 3: In order to fix the issue, go to Settings > General > Error Messages and remove the user name and UUID of the person receiving the message.

Step 4: Once you’ve restarted your home computer, try reestablishing a connection to the server to see if the problem persists.

Method 2: Verifying the Present Mods

Minecraft’s mods are the game’s backbone. They add a new layer of fun and interactivity to the game by allowing the player to customise the game’s visual style and other aspects. However, there is always a tradeoff to providing modders this much freedom, and mods have been known to cause occasional game crashes.

Therefore, you should verify the versions of all the add-ons you have installed on your PC. If there is a discrepancy, you can try launching the game without the mod and seeing if it helps. The mod’s official developer website makes checking version compatibility a breeze.

One quick way to figure out which mod is causing problems is to disable them all and then enable them one by one.

Method 3: Verifying Presently Active Plugins

Popularity of vanilla Minecraft servers can be attributed to the fact that players have the freedom to customise their Minecraft experience with additional plugins. Most plugins are created by independent merchants and can be obtained via a web browser download.

Simply placing the plugin’s file into the server’s plugins folder is all it takes to install it. After that, you need to restart. The installation of too many plugins, or plugins that are not compatible with one another, is a common cause of issues.

Simply typing “/version” inside the plugin window will display the current version number. Validate that each plugin is up-to-date and can operate with the rest. Disabling plugins one by one is a quick and easy way to debug, as is searching user communities like Reddit for reports of the same error.