5 Easy Ways to Fix ‘Android Process Acore’ Error

Many users around the world are using the Android Operating System. It is very popular among users, but still many users are facing issues with it.

The most common error is “android.process.acore has stopped.” Users are facing problems while working with the Hangouts, Calendar or Contacts.

Fix Android Process Acore Error

Reasons for Android Process Acore Error

  • System crash
  • Operating System update not done properly
  • Installation failed of Custom ROM
  • Virus attack
  • Storage space is low
  • Deletion of important files

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Methods to Fix the Android Process Acore Error

Method 1 –  Restore the Contacts Functionality

When you try to edit or add new contacts, and the error “unfortunately the android process acore has stopped” occurs, then follow the below given steps to fix it –

Step 1 – At first, click on the Settings icon on your device.

Step 2 – Then select the Apps option and then All Apps.

Step 3 – Now, click on the Contacts app. Then, select the Storage option.

Restore the Contacts functionality to fix Android Process Acore Error

Step 4 – At last, click on the Clear Data button.

Clear Data and Fix Android Process Acore Error

All the contacts related information will get deleted, and your device will start working correctly. Make sure to enable synchronization with Google Contacts.

Method 2 – Fixing the Problems with Calendar, Hangouts, and WiFi

To fix the problem “unfortunately the android process acore has stopped” with Calendar, Hangouts, follow the below given steps –

Step 1 – At first, click on the settings icon on your device and then select the Apps option.

Step 2 – Now, check the program status.

Step 3 – Change the status, i.e., stop the running app or vice versa.

Step 4Restart your device.

To fix the error “unfortunately the android process acore has stopped” with Wifi, follow the given steps –

Step 1 – You need to figure out which programs are accessing the Wifi or Internet.

Step 2 – Now delete the program one after the another and then check if the error is fixed.

Method 3 – Editing Others.xml File

You can extend the functionality of the device you are using by just editing a special file “others.xml“. It is located in the folder system/csc/.

Follow the below steps for system debugging –

Step 1Download file manager who work in superuser mode. For instance, Root Explorer.

Step 2 – Next is to copy the file others.xml as a backup file to any location.

Step 3 – Now, open the source file.

Step 4 – You need to search for the line where the non-running app is listed.

Step 5 – Now, change the code, i.e., insert False in place of True.

Step 6Save the file others.xml.

Step 7 – At last, Restart your device.

Method 4 – Delete the Viruses

Devices which are rooted, i.e., have root-access at risk of viruses attack which leads to blocking of system files. So, the “android process acore error” occurs.

To solve the problem –

Step 1 – At first, download the antivirus from Google Play. Make sure it is reliable.

Step 2Scan your device.

Step 3 – Now, your device will be free from viruses.

Method 5 – Factory Reset Your Device

After performing all of the above methods, if still, you are receiving the same error then the only solution is to do a factory reset on your device.

Note > Backup all data before performing this method as all your data will be lost.

Step 1 – Click on the Settings icon and then select the Backup and Reset option.

Factory Reset DeviceStep 2 – Next, select the option factory data reset. Now, a message will appear on screen saying ” all data will be erased”

Step 3 – At last, Click on the Reset phone button.

Factory Reset Your Device

Now, wait for the process to complete.

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Android process acore error is a widespread error faced by users nowadays. Also, it happens after every 5 seconds. So, follow the above-listed methods to fix the mistake. Last option should be resetting your device after backing up all the data.