Some of you may have encountered the frustrating situation in which your web browser just will not allow you to access a particular website or set of links.

When trying to access a specific web page, you may receive the error message ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH. A possible representation of the erroneous expression:

Method 1: Chrome’s Language Switching Flags

You can set up your browser to disregard warnings about insecure (outdated) SSL and TLS versions.


If the problematic website uses an out-of-date version of the aforementioned protocols or certificates, this will fix the issue. But, this is only compatible with the Google Chrome web browser.

  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. Chrome’s flags may be accessed by typing chrome:/flags/ and hitting Enter.
  3. To get the Minimum SSL/TLS version supported option, scroll down.
  4. Minimum SSL/TLS version supported can be set to SSLV3 by using the drop-down menu.
  5. Use the bottom-most Relaunch option.

After restarting your browser, you should be able to view the inaccessible site.

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Method 2: You can Disable SSL Scan by Following These Steps:

The SSL Scan could be at fault if your computer is protected by anti-virus software or another security suite. A standard feature of these antivirus applications is an SSL Scan, which can be disabled if desired. If you turn on SSL Scan, the website error should go away.

How to Disable BitDefender’s SSL Scan

  1. To launch BitDefender, double-click its icon in the system tray (right bottom on the screen)
  2. To access Modules, click here.
  3. Manage Your Online Safety By Choosing An Option Below
  4. Remove the checkmark from the Scan SSL box.

You can now access the website without having to worry about being scanned by SSL.

Method 3: Test Out Earlier Releases

This error message is being displayed by your browser because it has been upgraded to the latest standards and is set up to reject certificates and protocols that are not up to date. Therefore, you may find success by reverting to a previous browser version.

Remember that the “ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE” error may appear if you are using multiple versions, so be sure to follow the instructions precisely.

If the most recent updates to Google Chrome prevented you from using the first approach (because they removed the options), the second method involves reverting to an earlier version of Google Chrome.

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If you want to modify the settings described in Method 1, you can do so by installing an older version of Google Chrome, perhaps v40.