HDD Regenerator for Windows: Review

HDD Regeneration means restoring the corrupted data, fixing the bad sectors on the surface of the hard drive by copying them to some other area on the hard drive. Almost all of the corrupted hard drives have bad sectors. Many recovery programs were designed for restoring the surface of the hard drive.

Thus, HDD Regenerator helps in restoring the information which is unreadable. Also, the existing data on the hard disk will not be affected at all.

Application Methods of HDD Regenerator

  1. Identifying the problem in software, fixing the bad blocks.
  2. In case, Operating System is not starting because of some problem in HDD, then you can make a bootable CD and fix the problem of the hard drive.
  3. Provides Real-time monitoring of the state.
  4. Also, if your data is lost due to reading errors you can access and restore the data. This is achieved by moving the bad blocks or copying the data to another location.
  5. If in case, HDD Regenerator does not work for you, then delete this program and try another hard disk repairing program.

Features of HDD Regenerator

  1. HDD Regenerator helps in determining the failure cause for the non-working hard disks.
  2. The program helps in detecting the bad sectors. Also, helps in repairing the bad sectors on the surface of hard disk through Hysteresis loops.
  3. The interface is userfriendly.
  4. There is no loss of data in any mode.
  5. This technology is hardware independent.
  6. Actually, HDD Regenerators performs the scanning of the surface of Hard drive to search for bad sectors. After finding the bad sectors, the program transfers them to another area of the drive.
  7. It can work with any file system (FAT, NTFS).
  8. Prescan mode is good for determination of the location of bad sectors and thus, it saves your time.
  9. Detection of hard drive problems very fastly.
  10. For faster scan speed use Normal scan mode.

Downloading the HDD Regenerator

  • HDD Regenerator is available for all versions of Windows, i.e, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Company Abstradrome developed this product.
  • The distribution size is 8 MB.
  • You can Download it from the link http://www.dposoft.net/hdd.html. Also, don’t install the program on the disk that you have to regenerate.

Note: As the HDD Regenerator does not change the logical structure of your storage device, the file system can still display some sectors as “bad”. Also, even if the disk has been regenerated, chkdsk will detect these logical bad sectors.