How to Play and Download “Age of Empires For Mac”

‘Age of Empires’, the timeless classic real-time strategy (RTS) game series, has captivated gamers worldwide with its immersive gameplay and historically accurate narratives.

Unfortunately, the game was primarily designed for Windows PCs, leaving Mac users a bit in the lurch. However, Mac users need not despair!

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to play and download Age of Empires on Mac, including how to sign up, acquire it on Steam, and run it on an M1 Mac. So, let’s dive in and explore the age-old civilizations right on your Mac!

Age of Empires For Mac

Age of Empires on Mac: An Overview

While the Age of Empires franchise has largely catered to Windows users, there have been some editions compatible with Mac. For instance, Age of Empires III was released for Mac, and some older versions were made compatible.

But, what about the latest editions, such as ‘Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition’ or ‘Age of Empires IV’?

The good news is, with modern tools and technologies, it’s possible to enjoy these Windows-based games on your Mac. Here’s how:

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Download and Play Age of Empires on Mac via Steam

Steam, a popular gaming platform, offers a wide range of games, including Age of Empires. However, while Steam is available on Mac, not all games in its library are Mac-compatible, including Age of Empires.

But don’t worry; you can use Steam’s built-in Proton tool, a compatibility layer designed to help you play Windows games on Linux-based systems.

  1. Install Steam on Your Mac: Go to the Steam website, download the Mac version of Steam, and install it.
  2. Sign Up and Buy Age of Empires: Sign up for a Steam account if you don’t have one, sign in, and search for ‘Age of Empires’. Choose your preferred version and purchase it.
  3. Install and Configure Proton: Proton is not natively available for Mac, but you can use a workaround involving a tool like ‘Wine’, which allows you to run Windows applications on MacOS. Download Wine, install Age of Empires using Wine, and then run it using Proton within the Steam application.

Running Age of Empires on M1 Macs

For Mac users with the newer M1 chip, there’s a neat tool named ‘CrossOver’ by CodeWeavers, which uses a Wine-based compatibility layer to run Windows applications, including games, on Mac. Buy CrossOver, install it on your M1 Mac, then install and run Age of Empires.

Age of Empires for Free on Mac

While Age of Empires typically requires purchase, there are occasional events or giveaways where you could get it for free. Keep an eye on the Steam Store or the official Age of Empires website for such opportunities.

Age of Empires on Reddit

The Age of Empires community on Reddit is a treasure trove of tips, hacks, and advice. Reddit users often share techniques to optimize gameplay on different systems, including Mac.

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Even though Age of Empires is a Windows-centric franchise, Mac users can still partake in the strategic fun with tools like Steam’s Proton, Wine, or CrossOver for M1 Macs.

So, dive in, download Age of Empires, and let the epic battles commence right on your Mac!