[SOLVED] Error Code ‘0xc1900208’ in Windows 10

During the up-gradation procedure, the error code 0xc1900208 is encountered. The majority of the time, this mistake affects users of the most recent version of Windows, which is Windows 10.

The 0xc1900208 Error Code indicates that your system has installed software that is incompatible with your system.

As a result, it produces an opaque body that prevents the system from smoothly completing the upgrade process.


Among the incompatible software are applications such as anti-malware, whose main goal is to protect your computer from hazardous malware.

How to Fix Error Code 0xc1900208 in Windows 10?

So, here we are, ready to offer our share so that you can complete the upgrade procedure without difficulty. Look over the methods you’ve been given below.

Solution 1: Remove Culprit Applications How to Fix Error Code 0xc1900208 in Windows 10

Antivirus software and its tools, which are used to prevent viruses, have prevented customers from installing updates to their Windows setup.

Checkpoint VPN, Glyph, and other tools are examples. The methods outlined below will walk you through the process of removing this sort of software.

Step 1: To open the Windows Explorer, press Windows + E on your keyboard. Then, in the address bar provided, paste C:WindowsPanther. By pressing Enter, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: In the Panther folder that appears in front of you, look for the Compat*.xml file. This search should be done in conjunction with the most current timestamp. To begin working with the file, simply open it in a text editor of your choice.

Step 3: The file in front of you contains a name that identifies the applications that are incompatible with the operating system. You can either remember them or write them down. That is dependent on your desires. Continue your journey now.

Step 4: Press Ctrl + R on your keyboard. You will be taken to the command prompt as a result of this. Type appwiz.cpl to continue. Then press the Enter key.

Step 5: In the programmes window, look for any software that isn’t compatible. Simply double-click on them when you discover them among the other installed applications. Now you must follow the directions provided by the uninstall prompt.

Step 6: Now, merely reboot the system before starting the Windows Upgrade process. You can be certain of the error after merely rebooting the system, i.e. whether it stayed or went.

If the Windows 10 Error Code 0xc1900208 persists, we have another solution procedure. The process for resetting the Components of your Windows Update can be found in this script.

Solution 2: Resetting Windows Update Components 

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the process –

Step 1: Press the start button to open the command prompt. Type cmd in the text area. Now select Run as administrator from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Next, type the commands listed below into the command prompt window. The corresponding Windows Update services will be terminated as a result of this action. These are the following:

services linked to –
halt bits on the internet
net stop wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv
stop cryptsvc on the network

Step 3: For backup copies, alter the name of the programme distribution folder. You can achieve this by entering the command:

systemroot percent SoftwareDistribution ren ren ren ren ren ren ren ren ren ren ren ren SoftwareDistribution.bak
ren % systemroot % system32catroot2 catroot2.bak ren % systemroot % system32catroot2 catroot2.bak ren % systemroot % system

Step 4: Now is the time to resume the services that you had previously stopped. Use the following commands:

start bits on the internet
net start wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv
start cryptsvc from the command line

Step 5: Restart the computer after shutting it down. Determine whether the Windows 10 Error Code 0xc1900208 arises again while updating the operating system.



The two strategies we outlined earlier have been thoroughly tested. You can also use the Media Creator, which is ISO, in Method 1. This avoids the time-consuming process that comes with the XML file.

As a result, it shows you the names of incompatible software that are preventing you from updating. Enjoy supplying your Windows with the necessary updates without any further issues.