List of “Facebook Animated Words” and Effects And How to Use

Facebook is constantly evolving its features to provide users with engaging and interactive experiences.

One such feature is Facebook Text Delights, which allows you to add delightful animations, effects, and special words to your posts and comments.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore a diverse list of words, animations, and effects available on Facebook to enhance your text and make your posts stand out.

Facebook Animated Words

Words that Trigger Facebook Text Delights

Facebook has a collection of special words that trigger unique animations and effects when used in your posts or comments. Here are some popular examples:

  1. Congrats: This word triggers a burst of confetti-like animations on your post or comment.
  2. XOXO: Using this word generates floating hearts around your text, adding a touch of love to your message.
  3. Rad: When you use the word “Rad,” your text transforms into a bold, colorful retro style.
  4. BFF: This acronym triggers a vibrant animation of hands giving each other a high-five.
  5. You’ve Got This: This phrase generates a supportive animation of a hand lifting weights.

Feel free to experiment with these words and discover the delightful animations and effects they bring to your Facebook posts and comments.

Animations and Effects for Facebook Text Delights

Apart from specific trigger words, Facebook also offers various animations and effects that can be added to your text. Here are some notable options:

  1. Shout Out: Use double curly brackets around a person’s name (e.g., {{John Doe}}) to give them a shout-out with an eye-catching animation.
  2. Bumping: Surround your text with double angle brackets (e.g., <<Hello>>) to make it appear as if it’s bumping or thumping.
  3. Fire: Enclose your text within double parentheses (e.g., ((Hello))) to make it burn with fiery flames.
  4. Glow: Emphasize your text by enclosing it in double square brackets (e.g., [[Hello]]) to make it glow and stand out.

These animations and effects can add visual interest and captivate your audience, making your posts more engaging and memorable.

How to Use Facebook Text Delights

Using Facebook Text Delights is simple and easy. Here’s how you can add these special words, animations, and effects to your posts and comments:

  1. Open Facebook: Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the post or comment section where you want to add the text delight.
  2. Type the Special Word: Enter one of the trigger words or use the specific formatting for animations and effects within your text.
  3. Preview and Post: After typing the word or applying the formatting, you’ll see a preview of the animation or effect. Review it, and if you’re satisfied, go ahead and post your text delight.

Remember that Facebook’s text delights feature may change over time, so stay updated with the latest offerings and enjoy experimenting with different words and effects to make your Facebook posts truly delightful.


Facebook Text Delights provide a fun and interactive way to enhance your posts and comments. By using trigger words, animations, and effects, you can captivate your audience and make your text stand out on the platform.

Experiment with the provided list of words and explore the range of animations and effects available. Let your creativity shine through and make your Facebook posts delightful and engaging for everyone to enjoy!